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Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Future Writers:

Hello, All of the Above readers. Katherine here. 
If you're like me and want to become a writer, read this book:

I guarantee, this book will get you writing in no time. Advice from two experienced authors:
Anne Mazer: author of 
 -The Abby Hayes series
-The Sister Magic Series
-The Oxboy
-The Salamander Room
and lots more!

Ellen Potter: the author of:
-Olivia Kidney
-The Humming Room
-Pish Posh
and lots more!

This book has given me lots to think about and write about.

If you like the book, visit its official blog page:

Good luck writing!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey, this is Katherine here! Welcome to our blog. You must come in peace ;) This blog will talk about anything from fads to completely off-topic random stuff. Over to you, Gloria!!

Thanks Katherine, it's Gloria... duh. As Katherine said we will be raving over all those things! BUT! You guys can leave a comment on any blog post suggesting a topic we can talk about. Also, if you scroll down there will be a poll asking the most favorable colour.

Oh, Gloria... You forget so much... The colour with the most votes will be our permanent blog background colour! Please vote :)

Signing off,