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Monday, May 20, 2013

Fashion Style 2: White or Black?

Before note - do not read all of this article; find the ones that apply to you.
Most people look good in white or black; but never both. This can have a huge effect on your fashion.
Do you want to know which type you are? This is simple. First, wear all black. Look yourself in the mirror. Then, wear all white. Which one looks okay and which one looks absolutely weird?
"Blacks" can be two things: urban or sporty. 
Urban -  looks are usually made up of shades and jean colors. They have a "New York" look. Accessories tend to back up the outfit: often made up of clear crystals or gold plated wire. Belts and buckled boots also work with this style. Dangling hoop earrings and golden chain necklaces are nice if you want more accented jewellery.
Depending on you, you could prefer a yarn indigo cardigan with a bangle of bracelets, warm leggings and gray fur boots, or a  jean jacket with a V- neck black shirt, a buckled belt and a couple of golden chain necklaces, with long buckled boots. There are lots of variations and you should try to combine your colour combination with the advice here.
Sporty - Sporty can surprisingly have a fashionable effect. Now the black sporty, is less Lulu Lemon, more TNA. Try to find a comfortable sports jacket to fit you, but the ones with the collars folded down are my favourite. Indigo or grey hoodies aren't so bad, either. This can go well with a colourful T-shirt and a pair of yoga pants, as well as some stretchy wrap around bracelets. Small single hanging crystal earrings can give this a tasteful twist. When you are talking sporty, there is no colour limit. Just go wild with your colour choices.
"White" can be two things: light or colourful.
Light - Light looks can have cardigans, see-through shirts with a colourful tanktop underneath, white summery strappy sandals, all that. You can be a pearl, with a warm yarn white sweater and grey or light-coloured jeans, low-ankled boots, or a crystal, with a loose white shirt with a dark beige tanktop underneath, khaki jeans and sandals, with a bangle of bracelets. Whatever's your style. (PS Pearl and crystal are not actual terms, I just think it fits)
Colourful: I don't know what to say. There are no limits to the colour world. If you have a thing for bright colours, this is so your style. From my first fashion advice post, you have a lot of highlight colours... wow the world!
Directions to style...
Find it...Wear it...Love it.
Oh yeah.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank You!

Hey guys! Its us!
You guys are AMAZING! 
We have a total of 100 pageviews! From Russia, The United States, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom and Macedonia! We never expected this!
Thank You SO MUCH!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I know we have viewers...
but we need more ideas for what to write!!
We want to write what you want to read.
So please leave a comment on your fave post an tell us what you want us to write about!
And no, don't ask for a review on Pride and Prejudice so you can finish your book report.
Thank you!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Your Fashion Style 1: The Color Combo 4 U

There are 4 main types of colors in fashion (this is what I call them):

Setbacks: Neutrals, deeper tints, shades. Setbacks are basically colors that don't pop and stay in the background. Examples are:


Tone Downs: These are deeper shades of colors, but not as dull as setbacks. They are supporting colors. Examples are:

Deep Aqua
Dark Violet

Fresh Ups: These brighten up, or freshen up your outfit. They don't always stand out so much, but they help you look brighter and are good for accessories. Examples are:

Baby Blue
Spring Green
Sunlight Orange
Light Plum

High Lights: These colors just pop.Too much of these can look weird in an outfit, but they look great if you use them right. Examples are:

Citrus Orange
Bright Aqua
Sunlight Yellow

Now you know my basic color groups. Now here's a little quiz (I tried to make it as accurate as possible) to see the best combo for you!

1. Which US  city most fits you?
A)Boston (2 points)
B)Miami (4 points)
C)New York (1 point)
D)Los Angeles (3 points)

ps From now I won't write "points". I will just right the numbers.

2. Which personality trait most fits you?
A)Feisty (4)
B)Friendly (3)
C)Neat (1)
D)Understanding (2)

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how fashionable do you think you are?
A)1-2.5 (1)
B)2.5-5 (2)
C)5-7.5 (4)
D)7.5-10 (3)

4. Which accessory do you like most?
A)Bracelet (3)
B)Earrings (4)
C)Necklace (1)
D)Scarf (2)


4-7: You could hsve:
2 Tone Downs
1 |Set Back
1 Fresh Up


1 Tone Down
2 Set Backs
1 Fresh Up

8-10: You could have:
1 Tone Down
1 Set Back
2 Fresh Ups


1 Tone Down
1 Set Back
1 Fresh Up
1 High Light

11-13: You could have:
1 Tone Down
3 Fresh Ups


1 Tone Down
2 Fresh Ups
1 High Light

13-16: You could have:
1 Set Back
2 Fresh Ups
1 High Light


1 Set Back
1 Fresh Up
2 High Lights
(This is really hard to make it work, but if you can, it can look really nice!)

Signing out in pajamas which are not at all fashionable,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion: Disney Stars

Styles are so nice between these Disney Stars!!
Let me give you some examples~

Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)

Selena Gomez's outfits are so color coordinated. Especially in the 2nd outfit, her seperate pieces of clothing aren't too fancy, but she puts them together so well that the belt and scarf stand out without clashing too much.
PS Love the shoes~

Samantha Boscarino & Bridgit Mendler (Good Luck Charlie)
I love both outfits here. Samantha Boscarino chose a really nice shade of purple (Note: your chose of purple can change the whole outfit) and the belt ties it all together (no pun intended) without standing out too much. She has a more fun-loving kind of style. Bridgit Mendler has a different style. She makes sparkly or shiny shirts accent without being so crazy. The shirt pops because of her jean jacket and the bag, since it sits in the back and accompanies it. She really has balance in her outfit.

Laura Marano (Austin and Ally)

If you can't tell, Laura Marano's style is pretty feminine. She wears bright colours (most likely because the show takes place in Miami) but she has neutral colours to tone it down. She basically has a way of putting things together. That yellow and brown shouldn't work, but it does.

Debby Ryan (Jessie)

I like to think of Debby Ryan's style as "tough, but still a girl". She still loves skirts and wears very feminine colours, but unlike Laura Marano, her colours and tones give off a stronger message exam. the jean jacket in the 1st outfit.Also in the 2nd outfit, the jacket is a very strong shade of gray while the pink shimmers behind.

Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

Hey! Gloria here!
I hope you guys like the layout! I spent a lot of time on it... :P
Well, I'm not here writing this post about the layout, it's about music!
Demi Lovato's new song is all over Twitter and Facebook!

It's "Heart Attack"  Check it out:

Something I love about Demi is that she is so real, everyone can relate to her so well with break ups, and that's why she is the perfect artist to sing break up songs, other than Taylor Swift (which is a whole different story! Another article for another day!)

Demi can actually write things that will make sense, not something random to fill in a missing syllable.

My favourite line in this song is: "But you make me wanna act like a girl. Paint my nails and wear high heels," 
The reason is because for girls they feel that they have to change how they act and how they look to get the guy to notice you. It's CRAZY how guys can control you. No one can change you, only you can change yourself, remember that.

Whats your favourite lyric in your favourite song? Answer in the comments below!!

Signing off while listening to "Heart Attack",

Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Future Writers:

Hello, All of the Above readers. Katherine here. 
If you're like me and want to become a writer, read this book:

I guarantee, this book will get you writing in no time. Advice from two experienced authors:
Anne Mazer: author of 
 -The Abby Hayes series
-The Sister Magic Series
-The Oxboy
-The Salamander Room
and lots more!

Ellen Potter: the author of:
-Olivia Kidney
-The Humming Room
-Pish Posh
and lots more!

This book has given me lots to think about and write about.

If you like the book, visit its official blog page:

Good luck writing!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey, this is Katherine here! Welcome to our blog. You must come in peace ;) This blog will talk about anything from fads to completely off-topic random stuff. Over to you, Gloria!!

Thanks Katherine, it's Gloria... duh. As Katherine said we will be raving over all those things! BUT! You guys can leave a comment on any blog post suggesting a topic we can talk about. Also, if you scroll down there will be a poll asking the most favorable colour.

Oh, Gloria... You forget so much... The colour with the most votes will be our permanent blog background colour! Please vote :)

Signing off,