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Monday, May 20, 2013

Fashion Style 2: White or Black?

Before note - do not read all of this article; find the ones that apply to you.
Most people look good in white or black; but never both. This can have a huge effect on your fashion.
Do you want to know which type you are? This is simple. First, wear all black. Look yourself in the mirror. Then, wear all white. Which one looks okay and which one looks absolutely weird?
"Blacks" can be two things: urban or sporty. 
Urban -  looks are usually made up of shades and jean colors. They have a "New York" look. Accessories tend to back up the outfit: often made up of clear crystals or gold plated wire. Belts and buckled boots also work with this style. Dangling hoop earrings and golden chain necklaces are nice if you want more accented jewellery.
Depending on you, you could prefer a yarn indigo cardigan with a bangle of bracelets, warm leggings and gray fur boots, or a  jean jacket with a V- neck black shirt, a buckled belt and a couple of golden chain necklaces, with long buckled boots. There are lots of variations and you should try to combine your colour combination with the advice here.
Sporty - Sporty can surprisingly have a fashionable effect. Now the black sporty, is less Lulu Lemon, more TNA. Try to find a comfortable sports jacket to fit you, but the ones with the collars folded down are my favourite. Indigo or grey hoodies aren't so bad, either. This can go well with a colourful T-shirt and a pair of yoga pants, as well as some stretchy wrap around bracelets. Small single hanging crystal earrings can give this a tasteful twist. When you are talking sporty, there is no colour limit. Just go wild with your colour choices.
"White" can be two things: light or colourful.
Light - Light looks can have cardigans, see-through shirts with a colourful tanktop underneath, white summery strappy sandals, all that. You can be a pearl, with a warm yarn white sweater and grey or light-coloured jeans, low-ankled boots, or a crystal, with a loose white shirt with a dark beige tanktop underneath, khaki jeans and sandals, with a bangle of bracelets. Whatever's your style. (PS Pearl and crystal are not actual terms, I just think it fits)
Colourful: I don't know what to say. There are no limits to the colour world. If you have a thing for bright colours, this is so your style. From my first fashion advice post, you have a lot of highlight colours... wow the world!
Directions to style...
Find it...Wear it...Love it.
Oh yeah.

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