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Friday, March 29, 2013

Your Fashion Style 1: The Color Combo 4 U

There are 4 main types of colors in fashion (this is what I call them):

Setbacks: Neutrals, deeper tints, shades. Setbacks are basically colors that don't pop and stay in the background. Examples are:


Tone Downs: These are deeper shades of colors, but not as dull as setbacks. They are supporting colors. Examples are:

Deep Aqua
Dark Violet

Fresh Ups: These brighten up, or freshen up your outfit. They don't always stand out so much, but they help you look brighter and are good for accessories. Examples are:

Baby Blue
Spring Green
Sunlight Orange
Light Plum

High Lights: These colors just pop.Too much of these can look weird in an outfit, but they look great if you use them right. Examples are:

Citrus Orange
Bright Aqua
Sunlight Yellow

Now you know my basic color groups. Now here's a little quiz (I tried to make it as accurate as possible) to see the best combo for you!

1. Which US  city most fits you?
A)Boston (2 points)
B)Miami (4 points)
C)New York (1 point)
D)Los Angeles (3 points)

ps From now I won't write "points". I will just right the numbers.

2. Which personality trait most fits you?
A)Feisty (4)
B)Friendly (3)
C)Neat (1)
D)Understanding (2)

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how fashionable do you think you are?
A)1-2.5 (1)
B)2.5-5 (2)
C)5-7.5 (4)
D)7.5-10 (3)

4. Which accessory do you like most?
A)Bracelet (3)
B)Earrings (4)
C)Necklace (1)
D)Scarf (2)


4-7: You could hsve:
2 Tone Downs
1 |Set Back
1 Fresh Up


1 Tone Down
2 Set Backs
1 Fresh Up

8-10: You could have:
1 Tone Down
1 Set Back
2 Fresh Ups


1 Tone Down
1 Set Back
1 Fresh Up
1 High Light

11-13: You could have:
1 Tone Down
3 Fresh Ups


1 Tone Down
2 Fresh Ups
1 High Light

13-16: You could have:
1 Set Back
2 Fresh Ups
1 High Light


1 Set Back
1 Fresh Up
2 High Lights
(This is really hard to make it work, but if you can, it can look really nice!)

Signing out in pajamas which are not at all fashionable,

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